I know a lot of Marvel fans. We’ve established our stan in previous newsletters.

There are probably DC fans aplenty.

Whatever your fandom, though, you cannot truly believe DC supervillains are better than Marvel’s. You *want* to be hacked into little pieces by Killmonger; that would be a good death. Imagine getting killed by the Penguin. Or having ‘Killed by the Riddler’ in your obituary. Future people be like, “what’d he do, laugh you to death?”

I’ll grudgingly admit that DC superhero names do seem much cooler than Marvel’s (Batman vs The Thing), but I don’t read DC comics. I read Marvel.

*dramatic pause while DC readers aim their hate lasers at me.*

There’s no multiverse where a 14 yo on my allowance will get their hands on a first edition Fantastic Four.

Until I *cough* discovered *cough* Marvel Unlimited.

Now it’s not fan-generated content, so it comes at a high price – $100 a year for the top tier. (Of course, it helps if your parents are comic book nerds too.)

For your money, you get every comic book published under the Marvel title. No fan-fiction, though, sorry. You can follow your favourites. Search for a specific comic. Or find what you’re looking for by character, author, or series. You also get access and invites to Marvel Events about characters and their universe-altering actions. And then there are the infinity comics, exclusive to the app.

You could read the Ms Marvel comics on Unlimited. I know it’s probably too late, but do it before you watch the series so we can cry together at the liberties the show took.

Or catch up on your Black Panther. Did you know Black Panther is one of the oldest characters, created in the ’60s and appeared for the first time alongside the Fantastic Four? 

Or feed your giant crush on Bucky, my Bucky and his cat.

If you’re a DC fan, write and tell me who your favourite DC villain is. So I can laugh at you.


Forward Just One Thing to your Superman-loving best friend. Then laugh in the face of their righteous indignation at my DC bashing. Stan will beam down beatifically.