I often find it challenging to keep hope and optimism alive. I spend much time on social media, where bigotry and propaganda are wrapped up and sold as facts.

In a recent conversation with Karina and Proiti, I learned that we harbour the same rage at the bigotted propagation of blatant hatred. Made me feel a little less alone and a wee bit hopeful. As Angela Y Davis said, “It is in collectivities that we find reservoirs of hope and optimism.” 

It also presented an opportunity to share what has helped me extend solidarity beyond the performative outrage unique to the cesspool of social media. 

As a timid introvert, self-education works best for me — I teach myself about damaging constructs that bother me. One issue at a time. 

My Just One Thing for today is a list of resources that have helped me better understand structural and internalised casteism, Brahminical patriarchy, and microaggressions.

Let’s start with the basics by the best teacher of them all – Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar. His writings should be essential canon in every school.
Castes in India: Their Mechanism, Genesis and Development
Annihilation of Caste
Who Were the Shudras?

Anurag minus verma’s podcast helped me immerse myself in the marginalised caste experience. Dr Vikas Divyakirti explains why reservation is essential in India, 

A film made by French anthropologist Nicolas Jaoul brings alive Dalit struggles in UP. Indian filmmaker Stalin’s 2007 documentary, India Untouched, exposes how the caste system affects people across social strata and geographical boundaries.

Several films by directors and artists from marginalised communities reveal the Dalit experience with brutal authenticity. Pariyerum PerumalFandryAnkurKarnan, and Madras.

Being an ally is one of the most crucial roles to play if you seek transformation. Being an ally is about checking your privilege at every step. It is only in asking hard questions of yourself first that you can show solidarity. 


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