Okay. So I’ve not been very bullish on the whole crypto, NFT, DAO phenomenon. Mostly because there are far too many crypto bros on the Internet.

And that’s not a fraternity I’d willingly associate with. Crypto has become the vehicle of choice for all manner of scoundrels to be rehabilitated in the public eye. Anything overhyped, especially by the kind of people hyping crypto, is guaranteed to wipe you out. Witness this.

However, every rule has an exception. And the exception to my crypto aversion is what today’s Just One Thing is about.

Meet Jonathan Mann, the mann behind Song A Day.

A true labour of love and a living monument to persistence and “sticking to it”, Song A Day is a project he conceived in January 2009. As the name suggests, he’s been writing and publishing one song every day since 2009, earning himself a place in the Guinness Records for, well, most consecutive days of songwriting. For a long time, all the songs were also catalogued on YouTube, but he seems to have given up on that.

But Song A Day is not just a song every day. And yes, crypto didn’t exist back then. 

Each song serves as a diary of Jonathan Mann’s day. And the crypto bit is where it gets really interesting. Because each song is available for you to own as an NFT. Each NFT is carefully designed to not just reflect the vibe of the song but to keep building a narrative. Colours, designs, illustrations… all blend together to make this an immersive experience… if you owned all those NFTs.

If owning digital collectables is your thing, you know where your wallet needs to go.


PS: Do you have a crypto bro in your life? Point them to Song A Day. And also Just One Thing, so they can explore different perspectives.