I had a Star Wars post all planned for today. A single click howl of outrage at how swiftly this year has gone by.

My resentment took a backseat because I did that which I-loathe-doing-more-than-anything-in-the-world-and-wouldn’t-at-all-if-it-weren’t-for-my-day-job, dear <name>. That’s right, I went to Linkedin. 🤢

Indian Linkedin is all a-flutter because someone who sells grooming utensils decided it was on him to give 21 yos some [really bad] advice. And then doubled down. And doubled down again. In the 24 hours since, anyone who fancies themselves an Influenza or wants to be one has had a lukewarm to scalding hot take. But this post isn’t really about the grooming guru or the takes. 

It’s about this excellent cringespiration generator I stumbled on. An enterprising business built a tool that lets you create Linkedin cringeposts with varying levels of, err, cringe. For laughs. 

If, like me, Linkedin is the devil you need in your day job, may the time you spend getting it to cringe for you bring some joy to your day. 

Much love,


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