Saw this? “Man wins Art competition with A.I. generated art, angering artists.”

A headline like this wouldn’t have made much sense a couple of decades ago, but right now, in the art world – it’s a freshly brewing controversy. 

A man named Jason Allen won the first prize at the Colorado State Fair by submitting an artwork he created with Midjourney.

Midjourney is an advanced A.I. tool that can create artworks based on a single line of input text. Midjourney is currently available only in beta form. Allen is facing a lot of online backlash (surprise, surprise), but I’ll let you decide whether it’s deserved or not. 

If downloading Midjourney seems too much of a task for you (like it was for me), but you still want to experience the process of making art with A.I. (like I do), try Autodraw. Autodraw uses machine learning principles to feed drawings by actual artists to the A.I., which then tries to predict what you want to draw based on the scribbles you make on screen. This is the best explanation I can provide (sorry, techies – let me know how shoddy this explanation was). 

Go try it for yourself. 

Happy scribbling!


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