Hey you,

It’s Friday!

I couldn’t decide which of these two happy places on the Internet I wanted to share with you today. They’re so different in mood and vibe, you see. So.. you pick.

One is perfect for those Hulk Smash moments we all have. Some more than others. And this one is perfect when you want to squish something or someone like a bug or an arachnid. Unless arachnids are your jam. Then DO NOT CLICK THROUGH

The other is for all you worshippers of genus house cat. If you’ve ever wanted to bring home a cat but can’t have one for whatever reason – evil landlord, allergic spouse, hateful sibling – the Internet has a deliciously purring Cat for you! You can play around with the controls to get the right purring intensity, and if you close your eyes, it’s almost like having your own little kitteh

If you loved Smashing Spider, send Just One Thing to a friend. But if you love spiders but melted at Purring Cat, send Just One Thing to whoever is responsible for your catless existence. That’ll teach them. And us.


P.S. I know we say this to you often, but I don’t think we say it to you often enough – thank you for reading Just One Thing. We are grateful for each one of you. ♥️