Do you Wikipedia?

Silly Rabbit. Sure you do.

All those pages on pages with links that traverse the sum total of human understanding. Okay, maybe not sum total. And maybe not even all kosher. But it’s an excellent tool for that quick look-up, no?

But this is not an ode to Wikipedia. But this strange phenomenon not many people know about. And imo one of the weirdest things about the site. 

If you click on the first link in the body of each article, you eventually find yourself at the ‘Philosophy’ article. A phenomenon that merited its own Wikipedia article.

If you have a few hours to kill, give it a shot. And let me know. Because I gave up after 5 minutes and read up everything I could find about this instead. Apparently, it’s all true. Some researcher types even conducted an experiment


P.S. Kant you tell what’s coming? Tell a friend to Emerson themselves in Just One Thing. Sartre now.