Do you agree telling someone to “calm down” has never, ever helped them calm down? Especially when the anxiety monster comes out to play. 

I know coping with anxiety and feeling anxious is an entirely personal journey. As for me, I think there is no one way of coping. There’s one thing I’m absolutely sure of though – talking to people definitely doesn’t help, but listening does. And I don’t mean listening to my parents telling me it’s all because of my fucked up sleep cycle – I am talking about podcasts.

There’s one I plugin into when I am in need of some encouragement and a reminder I’m not alone. One to remind me of the basics like self-care. Then there is Oprah Winfrey helping me with insight on how to live a better life (better, for the lack of a better word). For someone like me who’s bored of everything as soon as it’s routine, the constant need to understand what happiness means to others kinda-sorta helps me feel less worked up with my day-to-day. 

What are your little secrets to bring more calm into your life; write and tell me?



PS: Elizabeth Gilbert once said, “embrace the glorious mess that you are.” Do you feel like a mess? I do 90% of the time. And it’s OK to be a mess and not always have your shit together. It makes you a person. If you know someone else who needs to hear this, send them Just One Thing.