Ever frantically look out for an app so you can edit that all-important PDF? All the “trial” software downloads only let you peek at their possibilities. And buying software for the odd use here and there is prohibitively expensive.

There are so many such instances when you need an app only for rare uses. A PDF converter. Maybe an app to resize images. Maybe an audio converter so you can finally bring the .WAV files you downloaded way back when into the MP3 era. I know MP3 is old-school in the world of streaming but tell me one person you know who doesn’t have a buttload of songs saved on their hard disks and various assorted drives.

But that’s beside the point. What is to the point is today’s link.

It’s called TinyWow, but boy, is this ever going to be your best friend or what?

This not-so-tiny website has all the tools you would ever need to work on your computers, no matter what your day job is.

Looking for Lorem Ipsum text for your website dummy? How many words, sentences, and paragraphs do you want?

Want to download a video from Instagram? Or maybe it is splitting a large Excel file that you’re after today. Or an image-related task you need help with.

I could go on and on because they have so many tools on the site that covers every possible use case I can think of for a layperson. And even for professionals. And all of it is free. Forever free.

So why don’t you hop over to TinyWow and make a meme about how awesome Just One Thing is?



PS: When you make the meme, share it with us… and also all your friends, family, frenemies. Make them all go wow.