September has always been one of my favourite months of the year. There’s always a subtle shift at this time of year, a slowing down, so to speak. This year though – no joy. None. 760 mph like the hyperloop. Sigh.

I’m hoping I can slow down at least a little if only to find time for the HUGE pile of books I have waiting. The year I’ve had, there just hasn’t been enough time to read.

And if you want some books to stock up on, I have just the place. PDF Drive is a search engine for free PDF versions of books and things – 80 million and counting. And not just autobiographies, fiction and history. There are tutorials for things from languages to algorithms to code to just about everything. Manuals for an assortment of devices and utilities. 

The categorisation isn’t that great – it’s not really built for discoverability. But if you know what you want, use their search function, and you’ll likely find it.

Have a Green Day.

Much love,


P.S. Know someone who could do with the Things we share? You know what to do.  ♥️