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#161 To all the things we learned this year

This week, we’re taking you back to all our favourite things from the year gone by. I, personally wanted to express my gratitude by looking back at all I have learned this year from my fellow writers.

Did I ever tell you my mum sold my comics collection to the raddiwala when I was away for master’s? She did. In mum’s defence, she thought storybooks with pictures are for kids, and she could think of so many uses for the space she’s just rescued. Well, thanks to Thing, everything online is safe from mum’s cleaning wrath at least (at least for now).

#151 The only other time the bar is set so low is when playing limbo

How often have we seen in movies and TV shows a character who is a bit of a social outcast but still seems nice enough? He may even be a girl’s best friend until it becomes clear that she is romantically interested in someone not him. That’s when the facade crumbles, and we see that this “nice guy” is actually an insecure and entitled jerk who can’t understand why the woman he’s into doesn’t feel the same way about him.

#146 Far beyond the mainstream

As the designated DJ in most car rides, I often find myself choosing music that people around me enjoy. I attribute this to my upbringing in a joint family, where I didn’t have much control over what we watched or listened to on TV or the radio. As a result, I didn’t develop a strong personal taste in music and instead gravitated towards popular artists of the time, like Strings, Junoon, and Silk Route. Sonu Nigam was a pop star, and KK voiced the new generation. Bombay Rappers were hip-hop artists, and Sukhbir was a party favourite. I even went to stores with my aunts to buy cassette tapes of these artists. Good times!

#136 You can now own the skies

Did you fly paper planes as a kid and dream of piloting a real airplane someday? Me too! 

If like me, you’re fascinated by these marvellous flying tin pots, let me introduce you to GeoFS,  a browser-based flight simulator that feels like, well, (I think) the real thing. (Pilots in the house, if it isn’t, don’t tell me). Simulator controls allow you to change the aircraft’s direction, speed, angle and altitude. You can even fly at night or in bad weather conditions. If you prefer you’re flying mobile, there’s an app too.