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#176 All work, no play

In The Artist’s Way, Julia Cameron writes about ‘artist dates’ as one of the basic tools in the life and work of a creative person. Quality time that you spend with yourself – a solitary visit to a museum, the beach, or to watch a movie – pretty much any way to open yourself up to something new that might give you some direction or inspiration.

#167 Notes from a Life in Words

May I let you in on a secret? 

I have no idea what the fuck I’m doing with my JOTs. They’re mostly about random, disconnected things. No real thread that ties them all together.

And I suppose that’s like me in real life – fleeting interests in vastly different things, some eclectic life and career choices, each based on my most recent whim. A friend who is somewhat like me – having tried his hand at a number of disparate jobs – told me that someone once saw his CV and went, “oh, so you’re like a monkey, swinging from one branch to another?”

#162 The year that was

Now that 2023 is here, it only makes sense that we’re taking a quick look back at the year that went by so swiftly. Several things happened for me, and the most fun of them all is getting to write for you guys!

So much writing happens around here, so naturally, there is lots to be inspired by. For my first Just One Thing for the year, I’m taking a leaf out of another one of our newsletters!

#156 Food for Thought

I’m part of a family in which the first question asked when we wake up is “what’s for breakfast?” and before breakfast is even over, we wonder, “so, what’s for lunch?”

I think about food a lot. Over time, I’ve engaged with food in many different ways. I eat, obviously. I’m not a vampire. But I’ve also had phases where I’ve been obsessed with cooking, posting about the food I’m cooking, binge-watching food videos (Tasty videos and Babish are especially satisfying), growing my own food, or reading about food.

#147 How bad is your music?

It’s that time of the year again! When people share gifts, goodwill and their Spotify Wrapped playlists.

For the uninitiated, in December, Spotify compiles a playlist for each of its users to recap their listening habits over the past year. From the song you played on loop for weeks on end, and your top genres to that artist you’ve been obsessed with, your Wrapped is a nice summary of it all.