What’s the worst thing you ever bought on the Internet? And I don’t mean something made so badly it broke down seconds after you prised it out of its generic cardboard packaging.

I’m talking about something so wrong or ridiculous it shouldn’t be sold at all; the only place it could ever be sold is the Internet. Like this tuxedo or the gift of endless frustration or this tee-shirt. Or this dog butt bottle opener with the saddest looking dog ever.

Drew has kept this excellent daily blog alive for over ten years, which goes to show you just how many horrible things are sold on the Internet every day. A Yeoman’s service to those of us who need a few hours to kill or a good laugh. Maybe birthday present ideas for frenemies.

Happy Sunday surfing to you!


P.S. If you have a friend who’ll get a laugh out of baby meat, forward Just One Thing to them?