You’ve probably noticed this newsletter has a different name. That’s right, we’ve finally come up with one we’re all (shades of) happy with! Woohoo!

Just One Thing is a delightfully short email 5 days a week that weaves different takes on a single topic into a thread of interestingness. It’s curated by a different person every day, so you can expect a different perspective, different writing styles and a different take on, well, pretty much everything.

Just One Thing hopes to be your oasis in the wasteland of the Internet. Your daily bit of quirky fun. An introduction to something you had no idea about or a different perspective on something you thought you knew really well.

It could be a spectacular data visualisation one day or a slam poet we just discovered the next. From factoids to quirks and general weirdness and everything in between.

Our goal is to be engaging, entertaining and useful. Something to fall back on when the conversation runs dry, in the spaces between conversations, or in those uncomfortable, awkward silences. Or because you just like knowing things. Or because there is only so much, you can discover on your own in the vastness of the Internet.

In a world where anyone with an opinion (and a wallet) is constantly trying to shape yours, Just One Thing only has one thing to say, “You really should see this!”

We hope you’ll tell ALL your friends about us and the hidden delights we unearth for you every day – like the ONLY way to lace up your shoes.

Karina, Nikita, Proiti, Dolly and Thing