#158 When numbers reveal more than they hide

Welcome to the final Just One Thing of 2022. The JOT team is taking a break to ring in the new year, hoping that the year is one to celebrate for all of us.

Seeing as this our last dispatch for the year, I thought it might be the perfect opportunity to look back at some numbers from last year. Unlike made-up statistics and Twitter polls, what I’m sharing today are real stats about the year gone past.

#156 Food for Thought

I’m part of a family in which the first question asked when we wake up is “what’s for breakfast?” and before breakfast is even over, we wonder, “so, what’s for lunch?”

I think about food a lot. Over time, I’ve engaged with food in many different ways. I eat, obviously. I’m not a vampire. But I’ve also had phases where I’ve been obsessed with cooking, posting about the food I’m cooking, binge-watching food videos (Tasty videos and Babish are especially satisfying), growing my own food, or reading about food.

#151 The only other time the bar is set so low is when playing limbo

How often have we seen in movies and TV shows a character who is a bit of a social outcast but still seems nice enough? He may even be a girl’s best friend until it becomes clear that she is romantically interested in someone not him. That’s when the facade crumbles, and we see that this “nice guy” is actually an insecure and entitled jerk who can’t understand why the woman he’s into doesn’t feel the same way about him.

#150 One place to bind them all

Pre-pandemic, remote work was considered a no-no, frowned upon by corporates the world over. The managerial assumption was that remote workers will while their time away and not contribute output at the same level as they would in the office. Of course, the pandemic upended that assumption, albeit temporarily. Lots of companies around the world are scrapping their remote work policies and making in-office mandatory. A few others are using a “hybrid” model where you can work remotely, some of the time.