#147 How bad is your music?

It’s that time of the year again! When people share gifts, goodwill and their Spotify Wrapped playlists.

For the uninitiated, in December, Spotify compiles a playlist for each of its users to recap their listening habits over the past year. From the song you played on loop for weeks on end, and your top genres to that artist you’ve been obsessed with, your Wrapped is a nice summary of it all.

#146 Far beyond the mainstream

As the designated DJ in most car rides, I often find myself choosing music that people around me enjoy. I attribute this to my upbringing in a joint family, where I didn’t have much control over what we watched or listened to on TV or the radio. As a result, I didn’t develop a strong personal taste in music and instead gravitated towards popular artists of the time, like Strings, Junoon, and Silk Route. Sonu Nigam was a pop star, and KK voiced the new generation. Bombay Rappers were hip-hop artists, and Sukhbir was a party favourite. I even went to stores with my aunts to buy cassette tapes of these artists. Good times!

#144 First Aid Kit: Heartbreak Edition

A month ago, I got my first real taste of heartbreak. A situationship I was in ended abruptly after 1.5 years because the other person decided that he was just not that into it. Ouch.

Today’s JOT is my attempt to be humourous and wise about this ordeal, even though every time I think about it, it feels like I’m being stung by 500,000 venomous wasps at once (and I think about it 3 million times a day. So that’s 3 million x 500,000 stings in 24 hours. You do that math.)