#136 You can now own the skies

Did you fly paper planes as a kid and dream of piloting a real airplane someday? Me too! 

If like me, you’re fascinated by these marvellous flying tin pots, let me introduce you to GeoFS,  a browser-based flight simulator that feels like, well, (I think) the real thing. (Pilots in the house, if it isn’t, don’t tell me). Simulator controls allow you to change the aircraft’s direction, speed, angle and altitude. You can even fly at night or in bad weather conditions. If you prefer you’re flying mobile, there’s an app too.

#135 Fancy van Gogh

If you’ve been reading Just One Thing for any length of time, you know I have a thing for Vincent.

Because I love him so much, I’m always on the lookout for all things van Gogh. Or stan van Goghs. You know, the ones who acknowledge Vincent’s true genius wasn’t driven by severe mental illness but crippled by it. That he painted inspite of his illness. Kindred spirits.