#126 Gay bashing is still quite fashionable

This a short post today because, guess what – I’m actually on the road for the first time in 30 months. Yay!

But today’s post isn’t particularly sweet.

With the FIFA men’s World Cup coming up, a recent comment by former Qatar football player and ambassador for this year’s event, Khalid Salman, about homosexuality being “damage in the mind” should’ve sparked way more outrage than it did. All we got from FIFA? Crickets.

#121 Who speaks to you?

Have you ever had a character or situation in a movie speak to you in a language that no critique or review column could catch? It happens to me quite often. It doesn’t have to be the main character or plot point; it could be anything in the movie that resonates and hits the right cord. At its core, cinema is after all, about characters and their actions – a beautiful, cohesive picture nuanced by sound design, cinematography and music.